Google Releases Penguin 4.0

Google Releases Penguin 4.0

There’s a new algorithmic sheriff in town. Google has released the 4.0 version of its “Penguin” algorithm, which it first introduced in 2012. The major difference? Penguin now works on the basis real time signal processing. With this approach, Google will do a better job of catching sites that it considers “spammy.” Penguin will help Google penalize such sites – and do it much faster than used to be possible. According to Google, this will be the final update of the Penguin algorithm/Filter.

In effect, Penguin is a filter. As Google crawls and indexes pages, Penguin will enable the search engine to factor in perceived spamminess as a factor in ranking. Google said in its official blog that Penguin refreshes its data in real time. Changes will become evident more rapidly. Impacts on ranking will occur quickly after crawling and indexing of pages.

The Google blog also noted that Penguin has become more granular. The filter will devalue spam and adjust ranking values of the perceived spam, not the entire site.

Google also commented on how the web has changed over time. They emphasize the importance of creating compelling websites with good content. As they point out, there are more than 200 signals assimilated in the process of ranking pages. Penguin is simply one of them.

This update underscores again how important it is to have authoritative, well-written content on one’s site. Spammy writing is easy to let slip through the editorial process. It pays to work with an experienced content creator who understands your site’s voice and audience.

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