Introducing Our 500-Word Press Release Distribution Service

Introducing Our 500-Word Press Release Distribution Service

IMG_3308We’re pleased to announce that we are now offering a new service for writing a 500-word press release, with press release distribution included.  The new service gives you distribution to 300 media sites with a longer, more in-depth description of their announcements.

Forget “Less is more.” Sometimes more is more. If you want it, we offer it. Search engines favor richer content in many cases, so a 500-word announcement can be useful for this purpose. Also, sometimes you just have a lot to say!

The 500-word press release service enables you to include fuller details of the announcement that are not possible in a standard 300-word press release. For instance, in a product launch, a 500-word press release can describe product features in depth. You can get into detail. If you think your readers want rich information about your product or service, the longer format will work well for that.

A 500-word press release can also include more quotes from experts and customer testimonials. Usually, I recommend having just one quote in a standard 300-word announcement. With the longer format, you can have a quote from an executive as well as a customer.

A longer press release allows you to do a multi-part announcement. If you’re announcing a new product as well as a website refresh, for example, a 500-word press release gives you the space to have multiple sections with sub-headlines.

We distribute our press releases through MarketersMedia, one of the world’s top online newswire services. With MarketersMedia, we are able to offer press you about 300 backlinks from media sites. Each press release can include up to three hyperlinks, a photo and a link to a video URL. Your media contact information goes into the announcement. You can have naked URLs if you want. To see an example of one our of press releases that’s been picked up by a news site, go to

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