An SEO Guide Worth Checking Out

An SEO Guide Worth Checking Out

In my continuing efforts to find helpful resources for Search Engine Optimization, I have come across a very well organized and succinct SEO guide. Seolium’s new 2017 On-Page Search Engine Optimization guide offers a to-do list that emphasizes relevancy signals that are picked up by search engines. It’s basically a big infographic with a lot of really helpful information.

The guide is designed to help you stay within best practices. In particular, it emphasizes how to be creative on your web pages but never trade value for better search rankings. The guide also cautions web designers never try to deceive users or search engines.

Here’s an example. In Rule #1, the Seolium guide explains, “A webpage should be tailored around just one family of keywords.” It elaborates:

  • Emphasize one “super-keyword” – A page should be optimized around one keyword. All the connected keywords (e.g. variations, synonyms etc.) will be connected to each other.


  • Create a good amount of text – This is the page you wish to rank for with all the search queries in the same family, so you need to have a decent amount of text that covers the topic well.


  • Create one keyword family – Relevancy signals should only include keywords in the targeted family. This avoids competition between different pages, which is also known as “keyword cannibalization.”


The guide also covers URL creation, title tags and meta descriptions.

A lot of these rules apply to SEO press release writing, too. Press releases should have a super keyword and enough well-written text to be indexed as authoritative content. Press releases can also help with an SEO concept known as “anchor diversity.” With anchor diversity, you can create backlinks with multiple anchor texts pointing at a target page you want to elevate in search results. More to come on this topic. Stay tuned.

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