Getting SEO Right: The Top of the Tops

People ask us all the time: “Can a press release help me with search engine optimization?” The answer we give is, “Yes, we think so.” Though some people are truly more expert in SEO than others, no one really knows for sure, right? We are good at writing press releases that help with SEO, but we are not died in the wool SEO experts ourselves.  SEO experts are our clients much of the time.

As a public service, then, I thought I would present a little roundup of SEO tips – a sort of top 5 list of top tip lists. If more information is better than less, this should give you something to chew on for a while.


  1. From – Top 25 DIY Tips for Better SEO


  1. – Follow these SEO trends for better rankings
Check this out: The Complete SEO Strategy

I wanted to call out this blog as being very detailed and insightful about what it takes to improve search results for a blog. For example, he discusses getting rid of old content and changing publishing frequency.  Check it out at


Tips From 8 Years Experience In Internet Marketing

Marketing tips from Charles Floate.

He starts, saying, “It seems crazy to think that I’ve been involved (in some way or another) in this insane online world for 8 years now.. And I know if you don’t know me, and you read the sidebar to your right that you may be asking what the hell a 12 year old was doing in internet marketing, but I’ve always wanted to earn money and I recently stumbled across a post I made in 2008 when I was selling Nintendo DS and DS Lite card readers on eBay.. ”

Read the article at

Introducing Press Release Writing Package for Amazon FBA Sellers

We just announced today that we have introduced a new press release writing package for Amazon Sellers. Our Press Release 4-Pack offers four 300-word press releases to Amazon Sellers and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) businesses for $79.99 or just under $20 each. The package gives Amazon Sellers an economical way to make news announcements in a rapid sequence, a tactic encouraged for promoting an Amazon store.

We came up with this package after being asked to write sets of related releases by many different Amazon selling professionals. The 4-Pack enables a cost-effective way to mount a successful media campaign. With the 4-Pack, encourages Amazon Sellers to think through their news narratives. For example, a client can get a set of press releases announcing the launch of a new product on, a feature update, a discount code and free shipping. Distributed over time, the press releases can create news momentum and backlinks that help with search engine optimizatio

13 Secrets to Getting Media Coverage at a Big Conference

Clients sometimes ask me if they should try to do media outreach at industry conferences.  They are often concerned about getting lost in the noise of many companies trying to make news.  It is a legitimate concern, but I still strongly encourage clients to make the effort. Why? Because conferences are places where reporters usually show up in person and look for stories to write. You couldn’t ask for a better scenario for getting your name in the media, even if the field is crowded.  The question, of course, is how to get the media to pay attention to you once you are there.

Ready for 13 secrets to getting media coverage at a big conference?  The first three are fundamental to preparing for success:

  1. Understand who you are and why you are there. From a PR perspective, this may be quite different from the business reasons for exhibiting at a show.   If you’re renting a booth and paying a sponsorship at a conference, you’re invariably there to
Case Study: Skyyo Media – Leveraging the Power of Press Releases to Improve SEO Backlinking

Skyyo_LogoSkyyo Media Inc., is a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping small business owners, entrepreneurs, and site owners increase their online visibility.   As they sought a way to help a local plumbing firm, Palo Alto Best Plumbers, increase its search engine rankings, they considered using press release distribution as a way to build backlinks.  Backlinks can help increase a web site’s ranking with Google and other search engines.  A well-written and carefully distributed press release has the potential to aid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by having news sites link back to the press release issuer.

Download as PDF: 

The Entrepreneurial Press ReleaseI am pleased to announce the publication of our first eBook, The Entrepreneurial Press Release.  This book is about press release writing. I wrote this book with the goal of teaching entrepreneurs to write press releases that will drive their businesses forward.   Writing a press release can be challenging, though it is absolutely possible for you to write your own press releases — also known as “announcements” — without the help of a professional. Writing your own press releases can save you time and money. At the very least, learning the process of how a press release gets put together will help you understand how to achieve your desired bus

Contributed by Scott Hammond, SEO Expert and Press Release Distributor

The Distribution of press releases to news sites and across the Internet has an interesting history. Though marketers and searching engine optimization (SEO) companies enjoyed search ranking gains for several years by simply issuing a press release to the various online publication engines, those days are now over. Google and other search engines are constantly changing, and so too has the use of press releases in SEO.


For many years Press release distribution companies like and for example, earned substantial sums by promoting high-priced press release distribution to clients and businesses, with distribution costs of up to $500 per press release. However, these prices were justified, because at the same time businesses were achieving great rankings in the search engines and making good money from the rankings.

Google’s Penguin update things changed drastically

If you’re involved in content-based marketing, you know the value of repurposing content.   There are many business benefits that come from transposing one form of content into another.  For one thing, the practice reduces costs and saves time.  Writing an article and then adapting it into a video script or infographic, for example, is simpler and faster than writing an article and then writing a completely new video script.  The other advantage is that you can land your important messages in multiple formats with multiple chances for engagement with prospects.

You can repurpose a press release in several different ways.  Adapting it into a blog post or contributed article is the easiest and most direct approach.   It’s not a difficult process if you remember that the content carries the same story, but in a different voice.   It’s like the difference between a wedding invitation and a personal email inviting someone to a wedding. The invitation says, “The honor of


I just wanted to tell you that our press release caught the attention of my local newspaper! They are going to come take my picture and write a full page article about me next week! I’m so excited and wanted to thank you again for all your hard work. :)

Breanne Mifflin, R.H.N