FREE eBook – The Entrepreneurial Press Release


This FREE eBook tells you the secrets of press release writing for entrepreneurs, including a chapter on SEO using press release distribution.  Inside you will find:

  • The “10 Minute Communications Strategy Workshop”
  • How to Write a Press Release
  • Press Release Style Tips
  • How to Get Press Coverage
  • SEO and Press Release Distribution




What our readers say:

I would like to thank you for your free ebook. Just finished it. Full of great content that clarified a lot of questions I never would have even thought of. It really helped to see press releases as a greater part of a a marketing strategy.

Mckenzie’s Market

“Hi Hugh – Thank you so much for the copy of your ebook. I read through it and I feel that it has definitely helped with how I will approach sending out the press release.”

– L. Cain

Want a copy? Send us an email and ask for a free copy.

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