Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get my order delivered to me?

A: We will email you a link to your press release or other written materials.

Q: What type of file do I get when I order your service?

A: We deliver our work in Microsoft Word 2013 format (.docx). Upon request, we can deliver in text formats such as .txt, rtf. and Word 2007.

Q: Do you distribute press releases?

A: Yes. Our write and distribute package includes writing a press release for your approval. After you’ve approved it, we send it out for distribution to approximately 200 media outlets. You will receive a report on the sites that picked up the release, including the actual backlinks.

Q: Are there any topics that you will not write about?

A: In general, we will write about whatever subject you wish, as long as it not promoting an illegal activity. However, it is important to note that the press release distribution network will frequently reject press releases on certain topics, such as: Gambling, adult, supplements, cosmetics and weight loss. There are some clever ways to work around these rules. Ask us how.

Q: Will you keep my information confidential?

A:  Yes.  Our service to you is completely confidential.  We will not disclose your information to anyone, unless there is a specific legal cause to do so. See Terms and Conditions.


Q: How do I place my order?  

A: After you order the service, you will be directed to an online form where you can tell us what you need written. This form includes the option of sharing web URLs and file uploads.  If we have further questions, we will get in touch through email.  You can also send us additional information about your order through email or chat.   We can be reached by phone as well, though electronic communication may be simpler and faster in many cases.


Q: Will you contact reporters on my behalf? 

A: No, at this time, we only write press releases and, if you want, an email media query.  We suggest some approaches for contacting reporters in our free How to Write a Great Press Release course.

Q: I wrote a press release. Can you look at it and tell me if think it is ready to go out, or if it needs modifications?

A: Yes, we offer a free press release evaluation service.  We would be happy to review your press release and give our feedback.  We can also revise your draft press release in our press release writing service.


Q: What if I don’t like what you write for me?

A: We guarantee our work. If you are unhappy with the work, we will revise it or give you your money back.


Q: What if I find a mistake in your work?

A: We review our work carefully before we send it to you but we sometimes will miss a typo or missing word.  If there is any error in our work, please notify us and we will correct it immediately.


Q: Can you write mandated financial disclosure press releases that fill regulatory filing and disclosure requirements in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and select European Union markets, e.g. EDGAR, SEDAR, XBRL and UK filings?  

A: Yes and No.  We can write a press release for financial disclosure based on your input. However, we are not currently set up to do investor relations PR.  We do not make any representations that our service will meet your compliance requirements.  We will assume that any press release we write for you will be reviewed and vetted by a competent securities attorney prior to its release.


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