Announcing Our New eBook on Press Release Writing

The Entrepreneurial Press ReleaseI am pleased to announce the publication of our first eBook, The Entrepreneurial Press Release.  This book is about press release writing. I wrote this book with the goal of teaching entrepreneurs to write press releases that will drive their businesses forward.   Writing a press release can be challenging, though it is absolutely possible for you to write your own press releases — also known as “announcements” — without the help of a professional. Writing your own press releases can save you time and money. At the very least, learning the process of how a press release gets put together will help you understand how to achieve your desired business goals from public relations.

While the book focuses on press releases, the context is always about making public relations into an effective part of an overall corporate communications strategy.   The book contains a chapter I call the “Ten Minute Communication Strategy Workshop.”  It discusses how to situate PR within the marketing and business process and understand the relationship between press releases and your overall business objectives.

We also take on a topic that gets overlooked in the excitement of writing a press release, which is “Why Should Entrepreneurs Write Press Releases?” This is a great question to ask, because not every marketing campaign or business event requires one.  Public relations is amazing for some communications projects, but it is not always the best way to land a message with potential customers.

The book looks deeply at the press release. We dive into what’s in a press release, the components of the press release and what each of those components does. We get into some style issues, providing some behind-the-scenes tricks used in writing a great press release.  Later in the book, we offer some thinking on how to actually get your news out into the media.  Finally, in a chapter contributed by SEO expert Scott Hammond, we talk about how press releases are relevant in search rankings — if done right.  Doing a press release for SEO is an exercise in nuance. We address some of these issues. The book’s appendices contain a suggested press release template, checklist and an article on press release distribution.

The book is a 46 page PDF document.  You can download your free copy now at