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Chivalry Is Not Dead: Survey Reveals
“Where are the Knights?”; Can Be Mistaken for Flirtation; Being Nice Still Appreciated

VAUGHAN, ONTARIO, CANADA – June 3, 2015 –, the world’s largest millionaire dating site, today announced that chivalry is not dead, according to a recent member survey. The site’s members got to answer the question, “Is chivalry dead? Where are the knights who bowed and kissed the maidens hands?” The “Pros” outnumber the “Cons” more than four to one. While some respondents did find that chivalry today can sometimes be mistaken for flirtation, a large majority agreed with the sentiment that a man who is courteous and polite can make a woman “feel like a million bucks.”

“We’ve come a long way on this issue,” said [spokesperson.] “Not that long ago, women resented men who were chivalrous because it implied helplessness or even inferiority. Not anymore. Most women want a man with manners. And why not? What’s wrong with being nice?”

Comments on the survey suggest that chivalry is a nuanced subject, however. One female member noted, “Chivalry is sexy… a dynamic exchange of mutual appreciation served up with a smile. For me it demonstrates a man comfortable and confident in his masculinity, who is able to appreciate my femininity.” Another said, “Being nice is a reflection of the value and standard of the person. Nice people are usually nice to everyone regardless of who they are around. That being said, most people want to date a nice person but do not confuse niceness with desire.”

“Our goal at is to enable people with similar values to connect with one another,” added [spokesperson.] “The chivalry survey shows that there is definitely room for old-fashioned manners, but updated for today’s sensibilities.” was started over ten years ago with the goal of serving a very exclusive, elite clientele of rich and attractive men and women. Clients include CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, super models, and Hollywood celebrities who are all seeking millionaire dating opportunities and a serious, long-term relationship. The site has over 2 million members.

The site goes through a verification process for members who want to present themselves online as “millionaires.” Verification includes a confidential review of personal financial statements, tax returns, and references. The goal is to ensure that member profiles are accurate.

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