SEO and Content Marketing: Roundup of Interesting Articles

SEO and Content Marketing: Roundup of Interesting Articles

SEO and Press releasesInternet marketers as us, “Will a press release help with SEO?” Most of my clients, who are typically expert in getting high search rankings, answer, “yes.” But, it’s more complicated than that, of course. A press release is a form of content marketing. The bigger question to ask, though, is “what is the relationship between SEO and content marketing”? Is a content marketing strategy the same as an SEO strategy. Here are three great articles that offer some answers:


This article gets deeply into resolving the confusion over SEO and content marketing. It offers a great deal of detailed insight into how how SEO and content marketing fit together.


Postan offers reflections on the best Internet marketers adopt practices aimed at selling without selling. The article takes on important questions like “how much do I have to spend?”


Like others writing in this space, the author of this article questions the value of established search engine tools in the wake of major algorithmic changes at Google. The author suggests skipping the hiring of an SEO agency and placing more content directly.

Obviously, it’s a complicated arena to figure out. These three authors, however, have done the hard work of defining the issues and enabling you to put together an effective content marketing strategy that will enhance you SEO potential. As always, it’s a matter of money. These articles are useful, therefore, in helping you determine how much money you really need to spend to get the SEO results you want. This is especially relevant at a moment when the effectiveness of many traditional SEO processes are in doubt. The good thing about content marketing is that it makes possible a fair amount of experimentation without much financial outlay.