SEO and Content Marketing: Roundup of Interesting Articles

SEO and Content Marketing: Roundup of Interesting Articles

SEO and Press releasesInternet marketers as us, “Will a press release help with SEO?” Most of my clients, who are typically expert in getting high search rankings, answer, “yes.” But, it’s more complicated than that, of course. A press release is a form of content marketing. The bigger question to ask, though, is “what is the relationship between SEO and content marketing”? Is a content marketing strategy the same as an SEO strategy. Here are three great articles that offer some answers:


This article gets deeply into resolving the confusion over SEO and content marketing. It offers a great deal of detailed insight into how how SEO and content marketing fit together.


Postan offers reflections on the best Internet marketers adopt practices aimed at selling without selling. The article takes on important questions like “how much do I have to spend?”


Like others writing in this space, the author of this article questions the value of established search engine tools in the wake of major algorithmic changes at Google. The author suggests skipping the hiring of an SEO agency and placing more content directly.

Obviously, it’s a complicated arena to figure out. These three authors, however, have done the hard work of defining the issues and enabling you to put together an effective content marketing strategy that will enhance you SEO potential. As always, it’s a matter of money. These articles are useful, therefore, in helping you determine how much money you really need to spend to get the SEO results you want. This is especially relevant at a moment when the effectiveness of many traditional SEO processes are in doubt. The good thing about content marketing is that it makes possible a fair amount of experimentation without much financial outlay.


Case Study: Skyyo Media – Leveraging the Power of Press Releases to Improve SEO Backlinking

Case Study: Skyyo Media – Leveraging the Power of Press Releases to Improve SEO Backlinking

Skyyo_LogoSkyyo Media Inc., is a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping small business owners, entrepreneurs, and site owners increase their online visibility.   As they sought a way to help a local plumbing firm, Palo Alto Best Plumbers, increase its search engine rankings, they considered using press release distribution as a way to build backlinks.  Backlinks can help increase a web site’s ranking with Google and other search engines.  A well-written and carefully distributed press release has the potential to aid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by having news sites link back to the press release issuer.

Download as PDF: Leveraging the Power of Press Releases to Improve SEO Backlinking

Working with for an Effective, Newsworthy Press Release
Skyyo selected to write and distribute the press release for Palo Alto Best Plumbers.  The challenge they had to overcome, however, was one of newsworthiness.  For a press release to look professional and reflect well on the issuer, it needs to have a real “news hook.”  It must be announcing some news about the company that distributes it.  “People sometimes forget that the word ‘new’ is in ‘news,” said Hugh Taylor, CEO of  “You have to be making a real announcement, even if the purpose of the press release is technical and SEO-oriented.  The press release still has to read right.”

Working with Skyyo, EconomyPR recommended that the press release focus on the plumber’s newly expanded commercial service.  Though the firm had added more commercial services in the last several months, the expansion was newsworthy enough for a press release.  The release, which is shown below, led with the headline, “Palo Alto Best Plumbers Introduces Commercial Plumbing Services in Palo Alto.”  Skyyo instructed to make the phrase “commercial plumbing services in the Palo Alto area” into an anchor text link containing the URL for the plumbing company’s website.

SEO with Press Releases - page ranking results from Press Advantage
Page rankings of backlinks picked up by Skyyo Media using EconomyPR and Press Advantage.

Distribution through Press Advantage
After Skyyo approved the press release text, arranged for it to be distributed through Press Advantage, a process managed by SEO expert Scott Hammond.  Hammond sent the Palo Alto Best Plumbers announcement out through the Press Advantage system.  Within three days, the results were in:

  • 227 backlinks
  • 168 backlinks on sites that allow images
  • 1 site that feeds into Google News

“We were very pleased with the process and the results of working with for an SEO press release,” said Steven Miranda, CEO of Skyyo Media.   “We have improved the client’s standing in search with this press release.”



Examples of news site pickups of the press release





























The Press Release 


Media Contact

Steven Miranda

Palo Alto Best Plumbers Introduces Commercial Plumbing Services in Palo Alto

Maintenance, Repair, Emergency Services Tailored to Needs of Business Customers

PALO ALTO, Calif. – July 15, 2015 Palo Alto Best Plumbers, a long-standing local plumbing provider, announced today that it was expanding into commercial plumbing services in the Palo Alto area.  While the company has performed commercial work over the years, today’s announcement represents a decision to offer a distinct service to business customers.  The company is now making specialized services, maintenance programs, and scheduling times available to corporate clients.

“Any kind of plumbing problem is trouble, but when your livelihood is affected by it, you want it taken care of pronto – and done right,” said Sean Smith, President of Palo Alto Best Plumbers. “That’s what we’re doing with the launch of this commercial service. We are gearing our operation to the unique needs of the corporate client.”

The commercial service, which is available today, offers flexible appointment times to best fit the needs of business customers.  Late night and early morning time slots, which are not typically in demand for residential customers, are often ideal for businesses.  Palo Alto Best Plumbers is able to attend to business plumbing needs at virtually any time.  The service offering includes maintenance and repair, emergencies, and custom specialty projects.  Special programs are available for restaurants, healthcare facilities and residential buildings.  Businesses can now establish regular maintenance contracts for plumbing systems.

Palo Alto Best Plumbing operates throughout the region, performing services in Atherton, Foster City, Belmont, Los Altos, San Jose, Los Gatos and other surrounding towns. The company is considered to be a top provider, with a reputation for integrity and craftsmanship at fair prices.  Palo Alto Best Plumber’s team of plumbers are licensed and bonded.   They use only high quality equipment and supplies along with premium parts.  Services include fixing clogged drains, repairing leaks and faucets, showers, garbage disposals, dishwashers as well as sewage backups, damaged lines and system maintenance.

For more information, visit or call (650) 319-7187.


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SEO and Press Release Distribution

Contributed by Scott Hammond, SEO Expert and Press Release Distributor

The Distribution of press releases to news sites and across the Internet has an interesting history. Though marketers and searching engine optimization (SEO) companies enjoyed search ranking gains for several years by simply issuing a press release to the various online publication engines, those days are now over. Google and other search engines are constantly changing, and so too has the use of press releases in SEO.


For many years Press release distribution companies like and for example, earned substantial sums by promoting high-priced press release distribution to clients and businesses, with distribution costs of up to $500 per press release. However, these prices were justified, because at the same time businesses were achieving great rankings in the search engines and making good money from the rankings.

Google’s Penguin update things changed drastically in the PR world, though., and several other major press release distribution companies were hit extremely hard by Google’s Penguin and other algorithmic modifications.   They saw huge declines in the number of their rankings. Google, it seemed amongst other things, had decided to target these press release companies, and others, and put an end to their easy rankings, and unfortunately for them, their multi-million dollar businesses.

The problem was, unless you were actually part of these PR distribution companies, for the most part no one actually knew how huge the Google shakeup had been on press distribution. It was not until February 2015 that Terry Kyle of revealed to the SEO world some very interesting data by using the SEMRush software. He showed the drastic declines in the authority and rankings of these, until then, highly respected and expensive press distribution companies. SEMRush revealed that these companies, amongst others, had seen huge, game-changing drops in the number of rankings in the search engines and the revelation of this news sent waves through the SEO community. Figures 1 and 2 capture the trends.

SEO and press releases








Figure 1 – rankings drop as reported by SEMRush and Terry Kyle –








Figure 2 – rankings drop as reported by SEMRush and Terry Kyle –


PR Distribution 2.0

Considering what happened to several of the major press distribution companies in May 2014, an obvious question is… Do SEO companies still use PR distribution today?  The answer is yes. Press releases do still work for product launches and affiliate campaigns. They work because, in general, a product launch brings an all new keyword into the Google search engine. They also work for backlinking to high authority sites such Amazon, Yelp, and so forth.

SEO to regular websites, though, looks different now, given Google Penguin. Google brought in penalties on sites with over-optimized anchor text ratios. Any site that had too many backlinks with the same keywords was penalized and relegated far away from page 1 rankings. The old days of having 1000 backlinks saying ‘best plastic surgeon Beverly hills’ and ranking were over. This now meant that SEO managers had to be very careful how they structured their backlink ratios. Instead of 50%, or more, backlinks being the primary keyword, SEO’s now had to use the main keyword very, very sparingly. But, backlinks still needed to be made to get rankings. So a post-Penguin modified form of press release distribution came into play that assisted SEO managers in accomplishing their backlink goals quickly and effectively.

Greg Alssop, or Viperchill, as he known through the SEO world, is a world-leading SEO authority who regularly publishes the latest SEO strategies working today. With over 28,000 subscribers to his SEO blog, he’s taken seriously by most top SEO consultants in the world. Greg recently released a $2,000 course on SEO marketing in June 2015. There, he explained how he uses press release distribution now to help rank sites in the post-Penguin era.









Figure 3 – A video snaphot from Viperchill’s link diversity plan as shown in Marketing Inc 2.0 of June 24, 2015

“The meat of the backlink profile is made up of press releases,” says Viperchill. He now uses press releases to diversify his keywords (or anchor text to be more correct) and rapidly obtain a good amount of good quality backlinks from different domains and IP addresses pointing to his site. Other SEO people term this as having a good link diversity, link ratio, anchor text ratios, amongst other things.

The post-Penguin key in SEO today, as mentioned before, is to keep the main keywords at a minimum, and only using them sparingly on a few high-powered sites. Viperchill recommends that links on press releases pointing directly at a site should only use brand name or the actual URL of the main site as anchor text. Thus the result of running a press release is that one achieves a great amount of backlinks rapidly, from a diverse amount of good quality domains, and simultaneously takes care of his anchor text diversity by only using brand or domain name links.

Since most press releases allow for a few backlinks, it is also recommended to add a second link to either an inner page on the main site, as well as a link to the site’s social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or the site’s directory listings such Yelp or Yellowpages listings. This boosts these properties by passing some of the press release ‘juice’, and inevitably also helps the main site, as the juice flows from these social or directory pages, through to the main site because they link to the main site anyway.


PR Distribution 2.0 Pricing

If the purpose of a press release distribution has changed so much in the post-Penguin era – in that it is now not designed so much to get rankings in of itself – then who wants to pay $500 for a press release? Thus the birth of PR distribution 2.0. Post Penguin has seen some cheaper PR distribution companies arise that allow for a rapid building of a significant quantity of decent backlinks from across the Web from good authority sites like online TV news channels and newspapers. With one cheap press release, an SEO manager can acquire a guaranteed minimum of at least 200 backlinks coming from good authority sites with different domains and IP addresses overnight! This is a godsend to SEOs who need to generate many good quality backlinks pointing at their site as quickly and as economically as possible. If anyone has tried to build 200 backlinks from good sites by hand, then they can easily attest to press releases being heaven sent.



A few companies have sprung onto the 2.0 scene, two being and Although both these companies use different submission platforms, they distribute to the same news channels and guarantee 200+ backlinks. advertises a press release for $159 and is $197, which by old standards is good, but still can get a little expensive. We at are now able to distribute a press to the same news channels as Pressadvantage and Presscable and also guaranteeing at least 200 backlinks, only doing so at a $30 rate or $50 for write-and-distribute.


Press Release Stacking and Credibility

Another interesting SEO strategy is press release stacking. Press release stacking takes advantage of a very powerful high authority press site like or Huffington post for example, and tries to get that ranked in the search engines. The strategy is to pay a premium to get a press release done on a powerful authority site like, and then later to do a second type press release to 200+ news channels and link those press release to the original authority press release. The second release generates 200+ links to the first, and boosts the initial press release in the search engines.

Posting a press release on, or Huffington post is not cheap, however this strategy has a very desirable two-sided benefit. Not only does press release stacking help to get nice rankings in Google, but it gives credibility to a business. Who wouldn’t want an “as seen on Forbes” logo on the front of their website? Imagine the credibility a lawyer would earn, for example, in having such an image on the front page of his site. As anyone in business will attest, credibility and trust plays an enormous role, and there is no doubt if a lawyer posted such an article in Forbes, it would pay for itself many, many times over!

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