Case Study: Skyyo Media – Leveraging the Power of Press Releases to Improve SEO Backlinking

Case Study: Skyyo Media – Leveraging the Power of Press Releases to Improve SEO Backlinking

Skyyo_LogoSkyyo Media Inc., is a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping small business owners, entrepreneurs, and site owners increase their online visibility.   As they sought a way to help a local plumbing firm, Palo Alto Best Plumbers, increase its search engine rankings, they considered using press release distribution as a way to build backlinks.  Backlinks can help increase a web site’s ranking with Google and other search engines.  A well-written and carefully distributed press release has the potential to aid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by having news sites link back to the press release issuer.

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Working with for an Effective, Newsworthy Press Release
Skyyo selected to write and distribute the press release for Palo Alto Best Plumbers.  The challenge they had to overcome, however, was one of newsworthiness.  For a press release to look professional and reflect well on the issuer, it needs to have a real “news hook.”  It must be announcing some news about the company that distributes it.  “People sometimes forget that the word ‘new’ is in ‘news,” said Hugh Taylor, CEO of  “You have to be making a real announcement, even if the purpose of the press release is technical and SEO-oriented.  The press release still has to read right.”

Working with Skyyo, EconomyPR recommended that the press release focus on the plumber’s newly expanded commercial service.  Though the firm had added more commercial services in the last several months, the expansion was newsworthy enough for a press release.  The release, which is shown below, led with the headline, “Palo Alto Best Plumbers Introduces Commercial Plumbing Services in Palo Alto.”  Skyyo instructed to make the phrase “commercial plumbing services in the Palo Alto area” into an anchor text link containing the URL for the plumbing company’s website.

SEO with Press Releases - page ranking results from Press Advantage
Page rankings of backlinks picked up by Skyyo Media using EconomyPR and Press Advantage.

Distribution through Press Advantage
After Skyyo approved the press release text, arranged for it to be distributed through Press Advantage, a process managed by SEO expert Scott Hammond.  Hammond sent the Palo Alto Best Plumbers announcement out through the Press Advantage system.  Within three days, the results were in:

  • 227 backlinks
  • 168 backlinks on sites that allow images
  • 1 site that feeds into Google News

“We were very pleased with the process and the results of working with for an SEO press release,” said Steven Miranda, CEO of Skyyo Media.   “We have improved the client’s standing in search with this press release.”



Examples of news site pickups of the press release





























The Press Release 


Media Contact

Steven Miranda

Palo Alto Best Plumbers Introduces Commercial Plumbing Services in Palo Alto

Maintenance, Repair, Emergency Services Tailored to Needs of Business Customers

PALO ALTO, Calif. – July 15, 2015 Palo Alto Best Plumbers, a long-standing local plumbing provider, announced today that it was expanding into commercial plumbing services in the Palo Alto area.  While the company has performed commercial work over the years, today’s announcement represents a decision to offer a distinct service to business customers.  The company is now making specialized services, maintenance programs, and scheduling times available to corporate clients.

“Any kind of plumbing problem is trouble, but when your livelihood is affected by it, you want it taken care of pronto – and done right,” said Sean Smith, President of Palo Alto Best Plumbers. “That’s what we’re doing with the launch of this commercial service. We are gearing our operation to the unique needs of the corporate client.”

The commercial service, which is available today, offers flexible appointment times to best fit the needs of business customers.  Late night and early morning time slots, which are not typically in demand for residential customers, are often ideal for businesses.  Palo Alto Best Plumbers is able to attend to business plumbing needs at virtually any time.  The service offering includes maintenance and repair, emergencies, and custom specialty projects.  Special programs are available for restaurants, healthcare facilities and residential buildings.  Businesses can now establish regular maintenance contracts for plumbing systems.

Palo Alto Best Plumbing operates throughout the region, performing services in Atherton, Foster City, Belmont, Los Altos, San Jose, Los Gatos and other surrounding towns. The company is considered to be a top provider, with a reputation for integrity and craftsmanship at fair prices.  Palo Alto Best Plumber’s team of plumbers are licensed and bonded.   They use only high quality equipment and supplies along with premium parts.  Services include fixing clogged drains, repairing leaks and faucets, showers, garbage disposals, dishwashers as well as sewage backups, damaged lines and system maintenance.

For more information, visit or call (650) 319-7187.


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